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Dial gauge for workpieces centering aligning

In the next post, we discuss the topic of measuring circular shapes - holes, sleeves, shafts, metal and plastic pipes. How to center over an element with an accuracy of 0.01 mm? The dial indicator on a tripod is a breakneck idea. We reach for sensors that can be grasped in the axis of the milling machine tool - as in the pictures. Old-style dial indicators rotate with their stylus and stylus, making it difficult to read on the clock scale. New type sensors, the so-called centricators allow the spindle to rotate around the item being measured, keeping the clock in place. Centering is much more convenient and the exchangeable pins and tips enable the measurement in a large range.

If the component protrudes more than 50 mm from the lathe chuck, it is worth centering at several component heights to avoid vertical skew.

This type of centering is extremely important for the regeneration of sleeves, shafts, rings, repair of dies and molds and other areas of precision mechanics at ALABUS.

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