Manufacturing, service, regeneration, modifications


Turning Milling CNC
Grinding Welding Cutting

Unit and serial design and production
Repair and regeneration of components and parts of machines





About Us


We are a company with 20 years of experience. We provide design, consulting and construction in machinery, injection molds, punches, dies etc. We build prototypes in short terms, provide also unit production and serial production of parts and components accoridng to client order. We are not limited to the technical aspects of the project, but we offer a comprehensive approach to the issue. Among our clients significant role plays manufacturing companies, industrial automation, scientific research institutes, industrial designers. Thanks to them we can improve our offer and make our company perfectly prepared to meet your requirements.

- CNC milling, conventional milling
- CNC turning and conventional turning
- grinding of planes, cylinders and holes
- Coordinate drilling
- rifling
- engraving
- bandsaw cutting
- TIG/MIG/MMA welding
- surfacing
- Heat treatment (hardening, carburizing, nitriding


- type of steel: construction, tool, stainless, heat resistant steel
- non-ferrous metals
- plastics


We provide heat treatment certificate and material certificate upon client request.


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