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frezowanie CNC


Prototyping, unit and small series production of elements and components. High quality standards and repeatability.

Produkcja seryjna CNC


Regeneration of dies and injection molds. Production and long term service. Redesign of existing equipment (production line elements) in terms of cutting costs.

 Element of a fully automatic production line for stamping



Na czas

Jesteś zmęczony opóźnieniami i niesłownymi kontrahentami - przyjdź do nas. Czytelne etapy realizacji oraz stały kontakt z klientem



Nie masz projektu, pomysłu lub pojęcia dlaczego coś nie działa tak jak powinno? Zadzwoń i BEZPŁATNIE porozmawiaj z ekspertem. 


U klienta

Przyjedziemy do Ciebie, gdy tego potrzebujesz. Na miejscu wykonujemy testy, serwisy i wdrożenia nowych rozwiązań.


Tight deadlines

We offer free capacity for CNC machining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and plastics including components for automotive, constructions, hydraulics, automation and others.



We offer the full range of service - from the selection of technology, through its implementation, all the way to production including sample - prototype approval.


Convenient location

Location in Central Europe, Warsaw district, 26 km from Cargo Airport, 22 km from Modlin Airport, 5 km from FedEx and DHL HUB. Export with customs clearance, Incoterms.


Last projects

cnc machining, turning, milling

cnc machining, turning, milling

Injection mold socket for switch housing

obróbka CNC, toczenie, frezowanie

obróbka CNC, toczenie, frezowanie

gniazdo formy wtryskowej na obudowę przełącznika

obróbka CNC

obróbka CNC

element grzejny

obróbka CNC, toczenie, frezowanie

obróbka CNC, toczenie, frezowanie

obudowa łożyska liniowego

element montażowy okna

element montażowy okna

element montażowy okna z poliamidu, element z formy wtryskowej, window side cover

opakowanie na frezy

opakowanie na frezy

z polipropylenu, element z formy wtryskowej

koła zębate

koła zębate

wytworzone metodą wtrysku z poliamidu, element z formy wtryskowej

obudowa łożysk

obudowa łożysk

obróbka CNC, frezowanie CNC

About us



We are professionals in the precision machining of metals and plastics.

We offer a very wide range of services, from turning, milling, through grinding, engraving to cutting and welding. We regenerate injection molds, produce dies, dies, crimps and other devices used in production.


We are distinguished by transparency of cooperation, a reliable approach to client's projects and have creative solutions -when standard solutions do not work.

We machine materials only from reputable suppliers (Bohler Uddeholm PROPLASTIC). Upon request, provide a certificate of heat treatment and material certificate.


We have a wealth of knowledge that we are happy to share. We will advise and design - to make the machine or production line work better and more efficiently.

We invite production and construction companies as well as distributors of metal elements to cooperate with us.

We have experience in cooperation with the aviation, military, pharmaceutical, industrial automation and other industries. We also cooperate with research and scientific institutes and industrial design.

We make sure that customers are satisfied and willing to come back to us.

Call us and ask for an express quote!